Innovation Launch Pad: Winner Trebled Sales!

Two winners trebled sales and one winner doubled their sales, winning 67% market share in the NHS.

The 2011 Innovation Launch Pad was a national competition to find new innovative suppliers for central Government inspired by Sherry Coutu.

Stephen Allott, the Crown Representative for SMEs and his office (David Gigg and Paola Malvisi) ran a competition from March to July 2011 to find the top innovative ideas to create value.

We used the PM's Twitter account to advertise the programme. Suppliers loaded their ideas into a web site run by Spigit. After crowd sourcing review by civil servants the top ideas were invited for mentoring by leading entrepreneurs. The top 9 were selected for an afternoon event to pitch their ideas to 100 officials followed by a reception at 11 Downing Street.

Here is the story about how those companies have fared since 2011:

The 9 Winning Companies: